" Julien MARTIN


Submitted Papers

Search Frictions in International Good Markets, CEPR Discussion Paper 13442 , Jan. 2019, (with Clémence Lenoir and Isabelle Méjean)) [newest version]

Gentrification and pioneer businesses, CEPR Discussion Paper 13296 , Nov. 2018, (with Kristian Behrens , Brahim Boualam and Florian Mayneris)) [newest version]

Volatility in the Small and in the Large: The Lack of Diversification in International Trade, CEPR Discussion Paper 11534 , Sept. 2016, (with Francis Kramarz and Isabelle Méjean) [newest version] R&R JIE

Invoicing Currency and Financial Hedging, CEPR Discussion Paper 11700, Dec. 2016, (with Victor Lyonnet and Isabelle Méjean) [newest version]


Are Clusters Resilient? Evidence from Canadian Textile Industries, Accepted for publication Journal of Economic Geography , (with Kristian Behrens and Brahim Boualam)

Knocking on Tax Haven's Door: Multinational Firms and Transfer Pricing, Review of Economics and Statistics , MIT Press, vol. 100(1), pages 120-134, March 2018. (with Ron Davies, Mathieu Parenti and Farid Toubal) [newest version] [Featured in VoxEU, CEPII Blog] [abstract & citation (.bib)] [Watch Ron' TEDx Talk on tax trickery]

The Few Leading the Many: Foreign Affiliates and Business Cycle Comovement, American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, October 2015 (with Jörn Kleinert and Farid Toubal) [newest version] [Online Appendix] [Featured in VoxEU, CEPII Blog] [abstract & citation (.bib)]

High-End Variety Exporters Defying Gravity: Micro Facts and Aggregate Implications, Journal of International Economics, Volume 96, Issue 1, May 2015, pp. 55-71 (with Florian Mayneris) [newest version] [Online Appendix] [Featured in VoxEU] [abstract & citation (.bib)]

Low-Wage Countries' Competition, Reallocation Across Firms and the Quality Content of Exports, Journal of International Economics, Volume 93, Issue 1, May 2014, Pages 140–152 (with Isabelle Méjean) [newest version] [Featured in VoxEU] [abstract & citation (.bib)]

Price Dispersion and the Euro: Micro Heterogeneity and Macro Implications, International Review of Economics and Finance - Special Issue edited by Paul Bergin and Fabio Ghironi, vol. 26(C) 2013, pages 70-86 (with Isabelle Méjean)

Markups, Quality, and Transport Costs, European Economic Review, 56-2012, pp. 777-791. [abstract & citation (.bib)] [pdf] This paper received the 2012 Best Paper Award of the European Economic Review.

Publications in French

Fiscalité des Entreprises et Paradis Fiscaux: Une Étude sur Données Canadiennes, L'Actualité Économique, vol. 93(3) 2017, (with Cristian Stratica)

Euro et Dispersion des Prix à l’Exportation, Économie et Statistique - Special Issue edited by Matthieu Crozet and Lionel Fontagné , 435.436-2010, (with Isabelle Méjean)

Working Papers

International Trade Price Indices, CEPII Working Paper, 2008-10 (with G. Gaulier, I. Méjean & S. Zignago) [pdf] [abstract & citation (.bib)]

Work in Progress

Firms and shocks: Evidence from France (with Natalia Ramondo, Veronica Rappoport and Farid Toubal)